Workplace Safety

Employers and employees have legal responsibilities to protect everyone affected by their business from workplace hazards. This includes your acts and omissions (what we DO and what we DON’T DO)

Pegasus Safety Consulting is the resource for all your workplace health and safety solutions. We are able to offer Fire Risk Assessment, Training, Health and Safety Audit and more.

There is a legal requirement for all workplace employees to receive a variety of health and safety training so they can understand their legal duties.

Making simple and common sense precautions at work, prevents accidents. Pegasus Safety Consulting will provide practical workplace health and safety advice and solutions to suit your business needs.

Workplace hazards have the potential to cause you and your employees harm. Pegasus Safety Consultancy can provide your business with workplace health and safety training that not only meets the minimum legal requirements but also deals with your moral duty.

Aches and pains from pour ergonomically designed computer work stations can causes repetitive strain injury (RSI) an injury which puts strain on the tendons.

Poor housekeeping can lead to slips trips and falls.

Excessive use of computer screens or (VDU’s) can affect the eyes.

An unsuitable chair and sitting badly can affect the back.

There are so many pieces of workplace health and safety regulations which can seem overwhelming, and difficult to know where to focus time and resources.

Pegasus Safety Consulting can take the head ache away. All you need to do is;

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