Health and Safety Audit

When you're busy running your business, it's sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. We at Pegasus Safety Consulting can carry out an audit to ensure you are managing the health and safety aspects and staying on the right side of the law.

A health and safety audit is an essential tool helping you understand what is going right, and what requires some improvement.

There are many legal duties placed on employers and its directors / managers regarding health and safety. A Health and Safety Audit is a way of periodically checking if and how they are complying with those duties.

Good health and safety is good business and those organisations with a good health and safety track record, tend to be the most successful.

It is recommended that all organisations are subject to a periodic health and safety audit to ensure that their Safety Management Systems are adequate. This will help to achieve continuous improvement. This can also be reflected in your businesses health and safety culture.

The findings from the audit will be detailed in a report. Pegasus Safety Consulting will offer advice and guidance on actions required to enable your business to fully comply with health & safety regulations and industry best practice.

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