All workers have a right to work in places where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled.


What employers must do for you:

  • Decide what could harm you in your job and the precautions to stop it. This is part of risk assessment.


  • In a way you can understand, explain how risks will be controlled and tell you who is responsible for this.


  • Consult and work with you and your health and safety representatives in protecting everyone from harm in the workplace.


  • Free of charge, give you the health and safety training you need to do your job.


  • Free of charge, provide you with any equipment and protective clothing you need, and ensure it is properly looked after.


  • Provide toilets, washing facilities and drinking water.

  • Provide adequate first-aid facilities.

  • Have insurance that covers you in case you get hurt at work or ill through work. Display a hard copy or electronic copy of the current insurance certificate where you can easily read it.

  • Etc








Health and Safety Overview

When health and safety goes wrong

Here are just a few of the disasters your company could avoid by bringing in professional health and safety consultants to manage the risks associated with running your business:

Directors, managers and supervisors can all be prosecuted for infringements of health and safety law, so it’s important that they are protected.

The financial implications of this for individuals, and the disruption caused to your business, can be substantial.

Employees could suffer a loss of earnings, and the burden of after-care costs on the company itself following expensive claims for an injury or accident could have serious consequences from reputational loss to the total collapse of your business.

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