Event Safety

If you get involved in organising, managing or hoisting events. You need to ensure the event is going to run safely. Pegasus Safety Consulting have been involved in various events over the years and can help to point you in the right direction.

Some things to consider:

  • Ensure all Events are consistent with your business vision, mission and strategic plan.
  • Minimise the exposure to all levels of risk, in particular, public profile, legal, commercial and personal safety.

Events Management Procedures

Internal Events:

Are those organised by, carried out in the name of, and primarily funded or underwritten by your business. For the benefit of staff, friends and family, local community, stakeholders and clients.

External Events

These are external events that your business has agreed to support financially or in kind. These may be carried out in the name of the external entity alone, or in association with your business.

Event Guidance

The relevant protocols are outlined in the Event Management Guidelines published by HSE and available on the intranet at http://hse.gov.uk and http://www.gov.im/dlge/enviro/healthandsafety/eventsafety.xml

You will need to ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out that include adequate control measures to provide public safety. If you require assistance with this then Pegasus Safety Consulting are on hand to help;

Simply contact +447624483090

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