Care Home Health and Safety

HSG 220, Provides some guidance on Health and Safety

in Care Homes. Pegasus Safety can guide you through it.

Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are

not only a place of work but they are also a home.

While meeting legal duties and providing a safe and healthy

environment, they need to be maintained as pleasant places

to live.

Service users in care homes have varying degrees of independence and therefore different needs.

Some things to consider

§ Can the service user manage stairs safely?

§ Can confused service users open outside doors, especially those leading to fire escape stairs?

§ Can service users go out on their own safely or must they be accompanied?

§ Can the service user bathe unsupervised?

§ Can service users judge the risk from hot water/exposed surfaces or is it necessary to control hot water and surface temperatures?


The team at Pegasus Safety has a wealth of experience in care home health and safety. The consultants will assist your management team in producing a user friendly health and safety management system. This will include all of the key issues that the service providers find it difficult and time consuming to tackle. It does not stop there, the team will also provide ongoing support on a retained service that gives you the peace of mind that you are meeting all of your legal duties.


Who is who?

Ron Ellison formally of the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate, is the lead consultant in the care home industry. He has the knowledge and knowhow to provide advice and assistance with all areas within the service users care plan.

Ian Alder specializes on the Fire Risk Management side of things and will carry out any assessments and training required to bring your team to the required standard in a timely manner.


News and updates about health and safety from the Health and Safety Executive